April Book Haul

I got so many books in April. Like it isn't funny how many books I now have to cram onto my shelves. It was 30+ books. I feel a little guilty but I also was in a super weird mood in April and I just felt the need to buy all the books. I didn't …

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Seasonal-A-Thon: Spring Fling Edition

So I have an exciting post today! Me and other four wonderful other ladies are cohosting a month long read-a-thon. This will be the first in our Seasonal-A-Thon series, which will be a quarterly read-a-thon, with a new edition each season! This one was a little on the short planning and late side so we are …

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Book Recommendations #1

I'm trying something different today so we shall see what happens! I asked Twitter for some single words or emojis to base some book recommendations off of!  @PrythianBworm sent in this emoji! It makes me think of a thriller or something a little scary. The book it makes me think of is Little Monsters by Kara Thomas. This book had …

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