2019 Reading Goals

I’m trying to keep my reading goals simple this year, I’m not doing any yearly challenges besides the Goodreads one and tracking my pages read. I want this year to be about just reading what I want to read. It may change throughout the year and I may try to focus on specific things but going into the year I’m just planning on focusing on these three things:

Goodreads Goal: 175 Books

I’m really upping the number of books that I want to try and read in 2019 because of the big reading year I had in 2018. I’ve never read more than 116 books in a year and I hadn’t read that many books in at least 5 years so when I set my goal of reading 120 books for 2018 I didn’t actually expect to hit it. The amount of books that I physically owned that were unread was getting very out of hand. I had a pretty major reading slump for most of 2017 and I just wasn’t dovating any time to reading. A lot was changing in my life and I was stress buying books without any follow through with reading them. So in 2018 I decided I was going to change that. I wanted to read more and to be actively reading all the time and that was a goal I followed through on. I still got WAY too many books in 2018 but I read more than I ever had by reading 150 books. I was so proud of myself for pushing past that goal that I never thought would be possible. In 2019 I really want to do that again.

Page Count Goal: 55,000 pages

My 2018 page count goal was 50,000 and I did end up hitting it. Most books that I read are between 300-400 pages so if I multiply 300 by 175 books, it’s somewhere around 52,000 pages. There are usually a few bigger fantasy books thrown into my reading so I decided to set my page goal for 55,000 pages.

Backlist Goal: 100 Books off my TBR

I really want to read at least 100 books that I owned before 2019 started. Anything I bought or received before January 1st 2019 is fair game. I physically own almost 750 unread books, which I know is a lot but I like owning a lot of books. I know there are a lot of you in shock and could never understand why I would own so many unread books but I have my reasons. Most of these books have been bought at bargain prices. Whether the book came from BookOutlet, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, the Bookfair that is near me that has some super cheap prices like BookOutlet, or just on clearance at some bookstores, a very large percent was very much on sale. I also don’t have a local library with a selection of books that I’m interested in reading. Mainly I read YA and the library with me has less than 100 books in that section and the most recently published book came out years ago. I don’t have the luxury of going to a library and finding something I actually am interested in. I really wish that I did have a good library but the only way that I have to read what I want is buy them.

These are my reading goals for 2019. I can’t wait to get reading! What are your bookish goals for 2019? I hope you all have an awesome 2019 and Happy Reading!

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