Top Tuesday #2

Today’s Top Tuesday is going to be all about the Top 5 things that make me not want to read a book. This is in no means intended to offend anyone or anything of the sorts. This is solely based on my reading preferences. If you’d like to see the Top 5 things that make me not want to read a book then keep reading! 

1. Unattractive Cover

This one is a little bit shallow but the prettier I find a cover the more likely I am to pick it up and read it. If a cover is just dull or bland it doesn’t hold my interest or make me pick it up to read the synopsis.

2. Bad Reviews from People I Trust

I don’t always rely on reviews or opinions of others for my reading choices but if someone I trust that has similar reading taste to me doesn’t like a book I can usually trust that it won’t be for me as well.

3. Horror Theme

I HATE HORROR. Like I really can’t stand reading anything with a horror aspect. Mostly because I am a big chicken and I despise anything scary I refuse to read horror.

4. Overly Descriptive Writing

Don’t get me wrong I love details and all that but when the writing is so descriptive the author tells me all about the scuff on the characters shoe (just an example I’ve never actually read this but you get the idea.) it is just too much for me.

5. Books Marketed as “The Next ‘Insert Popular Book Title Here'”

I really hate when a book is marketed as “The Next Twilight” or “The New Harry Potter”. I get it if you want to say “A mix of two favorites Harry Potter and Twilight, fans of either will love blah blah” I am 100% fine with you comparing the two but please don’t tell me that your book is the “New ‘Popular Book Title'”

What is something that turns you off from a book?

Is there anything in the list above that makes you not want to read a certain book?

Let me know below!


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