Life Update

So remember how I said I was going to be better about posting? Well we see how it's going... I actually leave for vacation in a few days and my birthday is coming up really soon as well so I have lots of exciting things going on! I've been reading a decent amount lately, I've… Continue reading Life Update

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up: May 21-27

Week two of Seasonal-A-Thon wrap up! I've read SO many books this week! 21 | Monday I didn't start out the week reading anything other than Love & Gelato and I didn't get far with it of course. It was a pretty boring day for me, I'm not sure if I really did anything at… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up: May 21-27

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Seasonal-A-Thon: Spring Fling Edition

So I have an exciting post today! Me and other four wonderful other ladies are cohosting a month long read-a-thon. This will be the first in our Seasonal-A-Thon series, which will be a quarterly read-a-thon, with a new edition each season! This one was a little on the short planning and late side so we are… Continue reading Seasonal-A-Thon: Spring Fling Edition